Black Guardian
Ultimate Protection For
Your Organization

Your business operations and reputation is paramount. At best, cyber attacks are a distraction. At their worst, they can cripple your operations and damage your brand resulting in lost shareholder value. Black Guardian is the ultimate protective shield to give your organization that peace of mind in today's volatile business climate.

You have the ability to instantly connect to a team of highly skilled information security professionals when time really matters. Black Guardian allows you to have quick identification of malicious activities fast and effective response to cyber attacks. The Silicon Black Group can provide the ultimate protective shield for your organization deploying cyber incident responders through our Black Guardian - Incident Response Service.

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Our Black Guardian engineers combine investigative and remediation expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence to help you in a crisis. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 endpoints, Our team of engineers can be up and running in a matter of hours, analyzing your networks for malicious activity. All to help you get back to business as usual with confidence - quickly and efficiently.

Black Guardian Incident Response Features
Years of Expertise

The Silicon Black Group has been in the cyber security space for over 12 years. From cyber espionage to crippling network attacks, we have the know-how to quickly identify what was compromised, assess the pathway to attack and remediate the breach so you can resume regular business activities.

Total Cyber Incident Response

From investigation to crisis management, The Silicon Black Group's - Black Guardian Incident Response Team helps resolve all aspects of cyber breaches with industry-leading expertise, from thorough technical investigation to containment and recovery

Industry-leading Cyber Threat Intelligence

Industry-leading threat intelligence gives investigators the edge, helping understand attacker motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers use

Rapid Response to Remediation

Instantly connect for speed of response and analysis when it is critical to containing an incident and limiting damage. Whether you are a small firm with few endpoints or a global enterprise with 100,000 endpoints, The Silicon Black Group experts can start work within hours and rapidly analyze your entire network for signs of malicious activity.

24/7 Instant Connect incident Response Coverage

After-hours coverage provided by The Silicon BlackGroup's - Black Guardian Team gives peace of mind that youare seamlessly protected 24/7 during investigation and remediation.

Remediation support

We work directly with your technical teams with senior management report outs, helping implement remediation recommendations to get you back to business as usual faster and reduce the risk of future compromise

Global Reach

Dedicated incident responders provide firsthand knowledge and expertise as well as rapid response to your on-site security needs.

Findings Reporting

Our team captures all relevant information about the incident and prepares a comprehensive findings report that can be leveraged by all teams impacted and shared with the executive and legal team.

Crisis management

Incident responders have years of experience advising clients on incident-related communications — including executive communications, public relations and disclosure requirements.

Types of incidents commonly investigated
Destructive attacks

Attacks solely intended to cause the victim organization hardship by makingation o informr system sun recoverable.

Financial crime

Payment card data theft, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers, extortion and ransomware.

Insider threats

Inappropriate or unlawful activity performed by employees, vendors and other insiders.

Intellectual property theft

Theft of trade secrets or other sensitive information.

Personally identifiable information (PII)

Exposure of information used to uniquely identify individuals.

Protected health information (PHI)

Exposure of protected health care information.

Black Guardian Benefits:
Get immediate access to Elite Silicon Black Group security experts

Enhance your current incident preparedness and response capabilities with industry-leading expertise

- Have Silicon Black Group experts on direct standby when you need it

- Take advantage of leading-edge advances in cyber security

Accelerate Incident Response Time

React faster and minimize impact with an Elite Team of experienced first-responders that spring into action as soon as a breach is suspected.

- Get expert response within hours, not days or weeks

- Have a dedicated malware team on-call

Pre-Negotiate Terms and Conditions

Establish contractual terms before an incident occurs for rapid incident response when it matters most.

- Eliminate the paperwork-related response delays when every minute matters

- Ensure your first call focuses on action

How Does It Work?
1. Declaration Request

Initial request for assistance via web, email or phone. 2 or 4 hour SLAs available for response from a Black Guardian IR expert.

2. Initial Triage

A Black Guardian IR expert reviews and assesses your situation following the request and recommends a course of action.

3. Official Declaration

An authorized party from your organization makes the official declaration of an incident under your Black Guardian Instant Connect Agreement.

4. Declaration Acceptance

Case is deemed officially accepted once The Silicon Black Group and client agree services are needed.

5. Next Steps

A. A Black Guardian lead will work with your team to define initial investigation steps that typically include: Collecting Evidence, Client Technical Team Interrogation, and Resource Deployment Options.

B. The Black Guardian lead then assembles a team based on the size, complexity andtechnologies of your environment.

Our Process:

The Silicon Black Group Cyber Security team begins with a simple question: what’s the least probable access point a criminal might use to gather intelligence that provides the greatest potential impact on your bottom line?

Choice and Flexibility:
Which Black Guardian Option is right for you?
Level 1: Pay As You Go Service
Level 2: Prepaid Service Level