THE Difference is Black
Mission / Values

Our mission is to ensure that your brand, data, business and technology are safe and secure by delivering the exact security and compliance solutions you need to mitigate risk.

Team Silicon BlackGroup

Formula 1 The Pinnacle of Motorsports requires that the right people come together as a team in this highly competitive performance-based business. Like Formula 1, The Silicon BlackGroup was founded by a team of industry recognized professionals, performance driven with the sole purpose of providing bespoked value-based cybersecurity and compliance services with uncompromised service delivery.

Motorsports, just like other businesses, is more than Man and Machine. It requires the careful assembly of the right human capital to not only be competitive but to Win. It requires having the right people at the right place and at the right time with no margin for error and they must execute as one with precision and balance.

The Silicon BlackGroup understands this. And built into our DNA is the same passion for execution that you'd find in a Formula 1 team. We've carefully assembled and built SBG to ensure that we have the right team to make our clients successful.

The Silicon BlackGroup is Racing to Make A Difference™ to deliver the solutions you need Today and Tomorrow - Secure IT BLACK™

We KeepIT Healthy and Secure
BlackGuardian® - The Ultimate Shield of Protection

Bespoke cybersecurity services to exceed the demands expected by customers to protect your brand, keep your environment safe, and proactively identify potential threats.